Extensive capabilities

TrailerSecure provides operators with a complete system for monitoring and protecting their trailers.



  • Continuous HD video recording within a 13.6 m trailer begins upon detection of motion in the trailer
  • On request live camera will broadcast to trailer company offices and can be seen on truck driver’s cell phone on demand.
  • System stores up to 7 days of video recordings.
  • System stores video recordings that can be reached from the command and control in the company’s offices


  • 24/7 GPS monitoring, with location broadcasted to an external server
  • External server for obtaining the data sent from trucks/clients – data set-up according to client specifications

Installation & Operation

  • System constructed to be concealed within a standard lighting fixture, while the lighting fixture itself continues to operate normally
  • Easily installed within hours in truck trailers
  • Operates within the +40°c to -5°c range, with special adaptations for extreme temperature conditions.